Team members

Academic and research staff

  • Emmanuelle Becker (associate professor, univ Rennes)
  • Catherine Belleannée (associate professor, univ Rennes)
  • Samuel Blanquart (junior researcher, inria)
  • François Coste (junior researcher, inria)
  • Olivier Dameron (Professor, univ Rennes, team leader)
  • Yann Le Cunff (associate professor, univ Rennes)
  • Anne Siegel (senior researcher, CNRS)
  • Nathalie Théret (senior researcher, INSERM, group leader of Irset team)

Permanent engineering staff

  • Jeanne Got (engineer, CNRS)
  • Francois Morrews (engineer, INRA, 20% time)

External collaborators

Administrative assistant

  • Marie Le Roic (Univ Rennes 1)

PhD students

  • Méziane Aite (CIFRE Insiliance)
  • Arnaud Belcour (MathSTIC, financement INRIA)
  • Matthieu Bouguéon (ARED, also member of the IRSET team)
  • Nicolas Buton (MathSTIC, financement UR1)
  • Mael Conan (UR1, SVE, member of the IRSET team)
  • Olivier Dennler (UR1, SVE, member of the IRSET team)
  • Nicolas Guillaudeux (MathSTIC, financement UR1)
  • Virgilio Kmetzsch (IPL Neuromarkers, with Olivier Colliot)
  • Marine Louarn (MathSTIC, financement INSERM-INRIA)
  • Hugo Talibart (MathSTIC-UR1)
  • Pierre Vignet (INCA, member of the IRSET team)
  • Méline Wéry (MathSTIC, CIFRE IRISA – Sanofi)

Engineers and post-docs



  • Geoffroy Andrieux (PhD, Menrt from UMR IRSET SeRAIC).
  • Andres Aravena (PhD, CMM Chile). Currently assistant professor in Turkey.
  • Oumarou Abdou Arbi (PhD, Matisse-UR1). Currently associated professor at univ. Maradi, Niger.
  • Aymeric Antoine-Lorquin (PhD, Matisse-UR1). Post-doc at Inria Lille.
  • Charles Bettembourg (PhD Région Bretagne & Inra-Pegase; Post-doc, CNRS – ANR Mirnadapt). Researcher at SANOFI.
  • Célia Biane (post-doc, INRIA)
  • Pierre Blavy (PhD, ASC Inra). Research Engineer at INRA Paris.
  • Lucas Bourneuf (PhD, Matisse, financement UR1). Defended 2019-12-17
  • Marie Chevallier (engineer, CNRS). Now in industry.
  • Guillaume Collet (ANR Idealg). Director of studies at Epitech, Rennes.
  • Jean Coquet (PhD Matisse-UR1). Post-doc at stanford.
  • Victorien Delannée (PhD Région Bretagne & ANSES metagenotox). Post-doc at NIH, Washington DC.
  • Aurélie Evrard (post-doc, INRA-Agrocampus Rennes). Currently researcher at Florimont-Desprez.
  • Clémence Frioux (PhD student and then research scientist, CNRS, Idealg). Currently Junior Scientist, INRIA Bordeaux team Pleiade
  • Maxime Folschette (post doctoral researcher, univ Rennes 1). Post-doc in Nantes.
  • Gaëlle Garet (PhD Région Bretagne/Inria).
  • Clovis Galiez (PhD Inria CordiS). Assistant professor, Grenoble INP.
  • Xavier Garnier (engineer, INRA, and then ADT Inria). Currently engineer at Nahibu.
  • Yann Guitton (CNRS ANR Idealg). Responsible of the metabolomics platform at laberca, Nantes.
  • Claudia Hériveau (ADT Inria Bioscience Ressources). Moved to GenOuest ressource center.
  • Vijay Ingalalli (post doctoral researcher, INRIA). Now in industry.
  • Julie Laniau (PhD inria CordiC).
  • Laurent Miclet (professor, emerite, univ Rennes 1). Retired.
  • Jacques Nicolas (senior researcher, inria). Now in the Genscale team.
  • Vincent Picard (PhD Matisse-ENS Rennes). Teacher in “classe préparatoires”.
  • Olivier Quenez (Engineer, ANR FatInteger). Engineer at CHU Rouen.
  • Michel Le Borgne (Assistant professor, Univ Rennes 1). Retired.
  • Sylvain Prigent (PhD Matisse-UR1). Permanent researcher at INRA Bordeaux.
  • Sven Thiele (post-doc, Inria, Chilean CIRIC center). Post-doc at Max-Planck institute in Madgeburg.
  • Camille Trottier (engineer, IDEALG, also member of the COMBI team@LINA)
  • Santiago Videla (PhD CNRS-ANR Biotempo). Sabbatical year.
  • Valentin Wucher (PhD Région Bretagne & Inra-IGGEP). Post-doc in Barcelona.

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