Olivier Dennler’s PhD defense: 19th December 2022 14:00

Olivier Dennler’s defense on “Characterization in functional modules of ADAMTS-TSL proteins, by phylogeny approaches” will take place on Monday 19th December 2022 at 14:00, room Métivier at IRISA.



  • Lydie LANE : Co-directrice du groupe CALIPHO, Université de Genève, SIB

  • Hugues RICHARD : Directeur de recherche Robert Koch Institute, Berlin

  • Vincent BERRY : Professeur Université Montpellier, LIRMM

  • Pierre TUFFERY : Directeur de recherche INSERM, Paris

  • Nathalie THÉRET : Directrice de recherche INSERM, Rennes

  • François COSTE : Chargé de recherche Inria, Rennes

  • Samuel BLANQUART & Chargé de recherche Inria, Rennes

  • Catherine BELLEANNÉE & Maîtresse de conférence Université de Rennes 1



The human ADAMTS-TSL multidomain proteins are involved in numerous pathologies.
Encoded by 26 paralogous genes, their domain combination is not sufficient to characterize their functional differences.
We propose in this thesis a new approach to identify functional regions of the sequences.
For this purpose, we use sequences from 9 eukaryotic species to identify conserved sequence modules specific to certain subgroups of homologous sequences.
The evolutionary analysis of the identified modules is obtained by performing a joint phylogenetic reconstruction of genes, species and modules.
Furthermore, to validate the functional interest of the identified modules, we associate phenotypes (PPI) to this evolutionary history.
This has led to the identification of concomitant acquisitions of “modules/phenotypes”, predicting the functionality of these modules.
Applying this approach to human ADAMTS-TSL proteins has allowed us to identify new, finer, non-contiguous functional regions that can describe their specificities.

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